As Dermapen™ moves over the skin surface, it creates micro-injuries in the skin, a large portion of which are simply pores, temporarily pushed open by the device’s needles. This is perceived by the body as damage, and subsequently triggers production of collagen and elastin. Your skin reacts to any injury by initiating this healing process. You encourage your skin to continue healing through micro-needling. Your skin normally assumes that scars, stretch marks and wrinkles are fully repaired tissues, but with the Dermapen™, the organism is tricked into generating new healthy skin. The process of post-needling skin rejuvenation can go on for months after each Dermapen™ treatment. Results can be seen within a week or even a few days. Your skin naturally heals itself every 45 days, so with a little micro-needling stimulation, changes can be dramatic and fast.

There are two types of Dermapen™ treatments. The first type calls for the use of an anesthetic cream to numb the area, to allow for a deeper, more aggressive Dermapen™ treatment. The second type involves using Dermapen™ at a shallower depth, eliminating the need to pre-treat the skin with an anaesthetic cream. Depending on the patient’s skin and the type of treatment provided, the skin may appear red and irritated for a few days. Specially formulated creams can be used before and after a Dermapen™ treatment to minimise this effect.

Visibly rejuvenated skin can generally be seen after just 6-8 days following a procedure, with results further improving over time. A course of Dermapen™ sessions is usually recommended to achieve optimal results; however, improvement is usually noticeable after just one

Injections are not a part of a Dermapen™ treatment, so allergic reactions and side-effects are unlikely to occur. The procedure is minimally invasive, which means that there is virtually no downtime and the healing process is quick. Aftercare is also very simple and can be fully administered at home.

Day 1: Erythema and redness, severity of which will depend upon the aggressiveness of the performed treatment.
Day 2: A red or pink hue similar to moderate sunburn may persist. There may be some noticeable swelling on the second day.
Day 3: Skin may still retain a pink hue, or return to normal color. Swelling subsides.
For optimal results, your practitioner will prescribe a Dermapen Dermaceuticals™ post-procedure product to help soothe, calm and protect the skin. Continue to use for 3 days. You may resume your regular skincare regimen after day 3.

Side effects experienced with Dermapen™ will usually subside within 48 hours. They include erythema, stinging, itching and tightness of the skin.


Whether your teeth are discoloured due to lifestyle habits, medical treatments or simple through age, White Dental Beauty gels can normally reverse these effects.

Oxygen bubbles penetrate through the enamel and oxidise the pigmentation within the tooth lightening the tooth’s natural colour.


Once your teeth are whitened it usually lasts 1-3 years with Pola, however some people prefer to have touch-ups every 6-12 months.



These systems do not require the expertise of your dental professional so the trays are not perfectly fitted to your teeth. At the very least, you need custom made trays from your dental professional.

  1. Sensitivity is often a problem if your trays are not properly fitted. The bleaching solution is not evenly distributed over the teeth, and saliva can seep in to dilute the solution.
  2. Many over-the-counter systems contain an acidic rinse which can remove significant amounts of the tooth structure. These types of systems usually contain a lower amount of peroxide, hence they are not as strong as what your dental professional will prescribe.


The natural ageing process causes your lips to get thinner and lose definition. This can be particularly prominent around the upper lip known as Cupid’s Bow.  Full, plump lips are often associated with youth and beauty. Lip enhancement treatment is chosen by women of all ages who either have naturally thin lips or whose lips have become thinner with age and lost their definition.  Restylane Lip Volume is specifically designed to improve fullness in the lip body and provide improved definition of the lip border.

Restylane Lip Volume is available with local anaesthetic lidocaine included for a more comfortable treatment experience as the lips are highly sensitive, although your trained Restylane practitioner will be able to advise any additional pain relief.  Lip enhancement with Restylane Lip Volume will usually last approximately 6 months before a ‘top-up’ treatment is required.

(Provided by Restylane)

Our lips can also become dry and chapped as a result result of our envirominent and other factors.  The Restylane range of products for lip enhancement also includes Restylane Lip Refresh, specially designed to hydrate and revitalise the lip rather than provide pronounced volume enhancement.

As with other Restylane products, Restylane Lip Refresh is available with local anaesthetic lidocaine included for a more comfortable treatment experience as the lips are highly sensitive, although your trained Restylane practitioner will be able to advise any additional pain relief.  Lip revitalisation with Restylane Lip Refresh will usually last approximately 6 months before a ‘top-up’ treatment is required.


Yes. We know of no other procedure or drug that is as safe as Allergan wrinkle relaxer. In fact, we have Allergan wrinkle relaxer regularly including Dr Brabbins.

Basically Allergan wrinkle relaxer relaxes the muscles that are habitually contracting. They cause creases which lead to frown lines, anger lines, worry lines and smile lines. By ‘Botoxing’ the appropriate muscles, we stop this. Consequently the lines, at the very least, smooth out or even disappear completely leaving a younger skin and a more serene appearance. More importantly, however, is that by doing this we are dealing with the cause of the line and hence this is an anti-ageing treatment, meaning that in 10 years time your line will be shallower than they appear now!

However, with Allergan wrinkle relaxer you know that a mild or moderate line you have now will actually be a very deep line. This is why we, including Dr Brabbins never miss an Allergan wrinkle relaxer treatment!


The duration of effect can depend on age, how much filler is injected, where it is placed, the quality of the skin as well as general health and lifestyle. With the Juvéderm® ULTRA range, however, the beneficial effects can be expected to last for up to one year after treatment.

Absolutely not! You can have an appointment in your lunch hour and then get right back to your normal routine.

Following the JUVÉDERM® injection, there may be some redness, swelling and bruising around the injection site. Most side effects are mild or moderate in nature an resolve within a few days, these include, but are not limited to, pain/tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumps/bumps, bruising, itching and discolouration. There is also a risk of infection with any injection procedure.

Not only is JUVÉDERM® ULTRA smooth flowing so that it can be injected easily and evenly but it contains lidocaine (a local anaesthetic) to help reduce any discomfort during the treatment and the effects of treatment are apparent immediately.

Using a very fine needle your practitioner injects JUVÉDERM® under the surface of the skin – at shallow levels for fine lines and slightly deeper for more severe wrinkles and folds.

Treatment with JUVÉDERM® can be completed in as little as 15 minutes but it can be longer depending on which areas are being treated.


Mesotherapy (or Injection Lipolysis), is now used as a minimally invasive procedure in which medication is micro-injected into targeted areas to shape your body and to treat excess fat and cellulite that you can’t get rid of with diet and exercise.

Dr Brabbins is a qualified Dental Surgeon who has been trained by Dr Dean – a consultant for the Journal of Aesthetic Medicine. He has trained over 400 Doctors, Dentists and Surgeons in BOTOX both nationally and internationally. Basically there are only 3-4 people in the country as accomplished as Dr Dean.

Wrinkles are part of the natural ageing process. Genetics play an important part, however, environmental factors, such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and smoking, can dry your skin and make wrinkles appear at a younger age. An unhealthy diet may also cause wrinkles to appear at a younger age.

(Provided by Restylane)

Treatments should only be undertaken with a medical professional (Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Doctor, Dermatologist, Dentist or Nurse) who have undergone the appropriate training for your treatment.

Certificates of training undertaken may be displayed in clinic but should be made available to you on request. Go to the relevant product website and you should fine a way of searching for your nearest Practitioner.

Frown lines are caused by the contraction of three muscles, the procerus, located between th eyebrows and the corrugators above each eyebrow.

The younger you look, the better you feel about yourself. But age is an unstoppable process and, as the body ages, the appearance and characteristics of our skin change.

Age, hormones, sun exposure, smoking all have part to play, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin feels more fragile and less elastic. As our age increases, the hyaluronic acid (HA) content of our skin – which is so important for water retention – decreases. The oil-producing (sebaceous) glands become less active, and your skin becomes drier. The skin also loses fat, so it looks less plump and smooth and it also loses its youthful colour and glow. While all these changes are taking place, gravity is also at work, pulling at the skin, causing it to sag.

Actually no, dentists are the disputed experts in head and neck anatomy and physiology. There have been articles written recently that suggest that in fact of all groups of clinician registered to do Botox, dentists are the best positioned to carry out the treatment.