Semi-permanent eybrow makeup

Jenna offers semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows

Semi – permanent makeup is for everyone who likes to look their best all the time, with the minimum of effort!  

Is semi-permanent makeup always very painful?

There are a variety of reports out there on the net from people who have had semi-permanent makeup (which is a tattoo) applied and found it painful to varying degrees.  However, I can speak from my experience of years of tattooing makeup onto eyebrows,  I have never had a client who has regretted having the procedure because the level of pain was too high.

A highly skilled and experienced practitioner in semi-permanent makeup will take every precaution to reduce the incidence of painfulness.  Before the application, experienced practitioners numb the area and do not proceed until you feel comfortable.

Following the procedure some clients feel a little discomfort and take a low dosage, common painkiller, which will do the job well, for most people, and eliminate the pain.  Let’s face it, we all have a varying level of pain tolerance.  An experienced practitioner will advise you on the best way to reduce discomfort for you.  And, when you see the stunning results you do tend to quickly forget the procedure!

What is semi-permanent makeup?

It’s makeup that is actually tattooed onto the skin.  An experienced practitioner in semi- permanent makeup will be highly skilled in achieving exactly the right look for you, dictated by you. Way before you reach the final stage of the make up being made semi- permanent you and your semi-permanent makeup artist will spend time together ensuring that you get exactly the right look for you. 

When will I notice a difference with my new semi-permanent makeup?

Immediately, following the procedure, the healing process commences.  Initially, you may experience a little swelling or skin sensitivity but the skin usually returns to normal within 2-3 days. Over the following 2 weeks, following the shedding of the scabs, the new exposed pigment will settle into a natural look.  Often, a barrier ointment will be recommended for use before you go to bed. 

After 6 weeks your practitioner will schedule a ‘touch up’ session to ensure your healed result is perfect for the next year.

After a  week to 10 days, having continued with the barrier ointment treatment, your semi-permanent makeup will be good to go!  You will look gorgeous and you won’t need to return for a further 1-3 years!

What semi-permanent makeup treatments should I start with?

The eyebrows have a huge impact on our satisfaction with the way we look.  Defined eyebrows in a shape that suits your face can really enliven your facial features and make your eyes stand out much more.  Imagine a world where you don’t have to make up your eyebrows every morning, before facing the world.  Semi- permanent eyebrows are ready for action every moment of every day, looking their absolute best!