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Plenhyage treatment for effects of aging

Taking Europe by storm now available in the UK

Vida Aesthetics are introducing  an amazing product called Plenhyage which treats the effects of ageing and delivers totally natural results immediately.

A new concept in aesthetic medicine delivered in three stages; skin repair, cellular renewal and tissue regeneration.

This is delivered as small multiple injections into pre-numbed facial skin/ hands / neck.

pH formula F.O.A.M cleanser

pH formula F.O.A.M cleanser
pH formula F.O.A.M cleanse

A soap free liquid cleanser that turns into a generous airy foam for gentle effective cleansing. The natural blend of aloe vera extract and lactic acid effectively cleanses and removes  make-up  and impurities while soothing skin.


  • Rich foaming cleanser
  • Thoroughly removes make-up, oils and environmental pollutants
  • Leaves skin hydrated and fresh

Suitable for all skin types