Price List

*pH forumla: Skin Consultation is free. At consultation you will be given a prescription for the skin care products needed for your skin, it then your choice if you wish to purchase them for home use. See price list below for individual pH products.
pH formula facials are £90.

For all treatments please contact Dr Brabbins in order to book an appointment for a consultation on 01733 810235.

Price details below for: Wrinkle relaxer / POFHILO / Dermal fillers / Dermapen / Optident / Electrolysis / Thread lifting / Tooth whitening   / pH formula / PLEXR

Please note: Prices may vary please call for latest details. A free consultation can be booked to give an exact price on all procedures.

Wrinkle Relaxer
PROFHILO Dermal fillers:
Juvéderm® Ultra/ Voluma /
Volift / Volbella /
PRINCESS filler & volume
 / Belotero
One site £160
Two sites £245
Three sites £260
2ml syringe £250 . 1ml – 1 tube £350
2ml – 2 tubes £500
Advanced Electrolysis
Thread Lifting
30min consultation £80
(includes a patch test if required)
Following 30min treatments £80
Following a free consultation we
will discuss with you your treatment needs.Our prices range from £500 to £1800.
Tooth Whitening for £350

PH Formula

Product Name Size Price
A.C.T.I.V.E. formula 20ml  £62.80
A.G.E. recovery 30ml  £51.30
M.E.L.A. recovery 30ml  £57.80
A.C.N.E. recovery 30ml  £48.60
C.R. recovery 30ml  £50.00
A.C Spot 10ml  £26.60
H.Y.D.R.A. serum (NEW) 30ml  £73.70
V.I.T.A. C serum (NEW) 30ml  £66.60
M.E.L.A. serum (NEW) TBC
E.X.F.O. cleanse 250ml  £42.80
E.X.F.O. cleanse (refill) 250ml  £30.80
E.X.F.O. cleanse 100ml  £31.10
F.O.A.M cleanse 150ml  £30.30
E.Y.E. recovery 20ml  £55.30
N.E.C.K. recovery 50ml  £62.30
P.O.S.T. recovery cream 50ml  £35.80
P.O.W.E.R essence tonic(NEW) 75ml  £31.50
V.I.T.A. A 24 hour cream 50ml  £72.10
V.I.T.A. B3 24 hour cream 50ml  £50.00
V.I.T.A. C 24 hour cream 50ml  £60.60
ABC Mini Kits 20ml x 3  £72.00
S.O.S .rescue cream 50ml  £51.80
S.O.S. oil(NEW) 30ml  £50.00
S.O.S. lips (NEW) TBC
U.V. protect SPF 30+ 50ml  £27.20
U.V. protect SPF 50+ 50ml  £40.00
C.C. cream SPF 30+ (light) 50ml  £31.50
C.C. cream SPF 30+ (medium) 50ml  £31.50
C.C. cream SPF 30+ (dark) 50ml  £31.50
T.C.A. Touch 4ml x 4 4mlx4  clinic use
S.Y.N.E.R.G.Y. Serum MD 50ml  £76.60
AGE Active Recovery 50ml  £61.60
MELA Active Recovery 50ml  £69.40
AC Active Recovery 50ml  £58.30
CR Active Recovery 50ml  £59.90
P.O.S.T. Recovery MD 50ml  £35.89
EXFO Cleanse  MD 100ml  £32.08
H.A.N.D. perfection cream with UV filters 50ml  £25.60
A.G.E. resurfacing  KIT 1  £153.00
M.E.L.A. resurfacing KIT 1  £163.60
A.C.N.E. resurfacing KIT 1  £147.40
C.R. resurfacing KIT 1  £150.80

PH formula

 Prices vary depending on treatment required. Beverly will give a price following a free consultation.
Lower / upper lid blepharoplasty from £1200
Lower and upper lid blepharoplasty from £1800
Acne / hyperpigmentation treatment half face from £350
full face from £700
Periumbilical (belly button) lift £350
Neck lift from £600
Mini-lift (jawline/jowls) from £600
Upper lip line (smokers) £350
Scar treatment from £250
Mole/skin tags/ verrucas / xanthelasmas and warts removal from £250
Stretch marks from £250